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7 Tips to Get Social Media Work for Your Business

social media, social, marketing-5187243.jpg

7 Tips to Get Social Media Work for Your Business.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers almost all the terms that are related to online advertising- i.e social media marketing, search engine marketing, Search engine optimization and many more tools that help businesses on how to use social media in digital marketing for their success.

In this post, I will walk you through 7 quick tips on how to optimize social media channels that play as digital marketing for business. These tips are not only tips but also inheriting a complete solution for creating a real working organic social media marketing strategy for your business.

58.4% of the world's population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes.

more than half of the world’s population is using social media. Among them, there are people who are the target audience for your business. According to your niche, you will need to do research that among the social media platforms what are the social media channels on which your audience is more active.

For instance, if you are a manufacturer of a lifestyle product and you want to use social media to promote your products online, you will find your target audience on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and other channels that influence the younger generation. And if you are offering a SAAS product then you will probably find your target audience on LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter.  You must know where to find the audience for your business and be more active on those channels. You can keep posting product testimonials (which works) on channels, engage with followers and reply to the messages or comment you receive on your social media posts. 

Tip #1 Run a Quiz or Poll Among Channels
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Create a poll on topics that are trending and related to your niche/industry, do not try to copy others and while creating polls be specific to your niche.

Tip #2 Ask Questions
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You can create a post on social media asking a question about something in your niche, this way you will attract the people who know the answer to that question. This will increase engagement on your post and boost your performance. Once again, the questions should be related to your niche.

Tip #3 Ask for Feedback
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You can ask for feedback on the product from your existing customers and post it on social media. This helps the organization build a positive environment for your brand and will attract people who are really interested in buying your product. Always try to post consumer-generated content and try to keep it as original as possible. People love interacting with people in comparison interacting with brands.

Tip #4 Post Free giveaway and discount coupons
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Who will deny a free product or a discount coupon for the product they are interested in, nowadays. People love freebies. And this can be used for building followership on the platforms. You can post about freebies on social media and ask your followers and audience to like, comment and share that post on their profiles and in exchange for that, you can offer them a discount coupon. This strategy really works with boosting engagement with posts on social media.

Tip #5 feature your employees in your posts
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This is a really good way to create a win-win situation for your brand. You can feature your Employee of the month on your social media channels. You can share their stories by adding some twists so that it does not look like a promotional post. Use your employee’s picture and describing on how his/her contribution is helping our brand to achieve our goal. You can also ask your employees to share the post on their walls. This way your employee will also get recognized for good works and this will leads to a win-win situation.

Tip #6 Tell them about product achievements and how they helped consumers in certain situations
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Case studies can be a very good option for building trust among your audience. You can write a blog on a case study and can share that link on social media along with images. Unlike customer testimonials, case studies also help in building trust in the audience. It shows how your brand successfully helped people/brands in different situations and created a positive value for them. And if someone finds himself in the same situation, he/she will prefer your product to others, as they know that your product has helped people with the same situation he/she is in.

Tip #7 Build your own tribe
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However, presence on social media is a must for any business out there in the market but recently it is experienced that a maximum number of times social media channels decrease the reach of the content on the platform. Sometimes you have to use paid methods to reach your followers/community. And it starts feeling that all the work you have done already for creating your brand awareness and increasing followers is in vain. To tackle this situation, along with building social media, always try to build your own tribe, where you can reach your community easily. It can be a WhatsApp group, Telegram group or Facebook Group.

How to handle the situation with decreasing the reach on social media platforms

Be aware that followers on social media are not the users of yours, but those are the users of the platform, and that platform can decrease the reach of your content, block you from reaching your audience or anything they can do that seems good for their businesses. Even sometimes we see people complaining that particular platforms have decreased their reach and to reach their own audience they are compelled to use their paid media or ads to reach their own audience, they have money and time building. And in that situation, you will have no power to do anything except regretting or rebuilding your presence again.

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To tackle this situation, always have backup plans so that in any situation you do not lose your audience. And the best way to prevent losing your audience is along with building your social media presence, to build your email list too. You can ask for the emails from your followers while adding them to the Facebook Group or you can capture their email ids by offering them free content/products.

Nowadays people are offering a free piece of stuff in exchange for the contact details of their target audience. They are providing free guides and eBooks on some topics, some of them are providing free consultation calls to the customer in exchange for their contact details, and some of them are providing a free course to get their contact details. If you have the email ids of your audience you can reach them directly without interruption of any other platform. By sending an email directly into their inbox, you can ask them directly to join your business on another platform or you can sell your product directly to them by sending them a discounted product link.

Sending the right content to your audience

Content is the key to attracting customers. Contents are like seeds you are cultivating in the people’s minds, and if the content you are sharing with your audience is really helpful for them, then content will make it easy for you for converting them into your customers. And vice versa, if the contents are not well aligned to your niche or do not create value for your audience, then your efforts will not make any effect and will decrease trust among your audience.

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